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Francine Woodward
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I am a horror/fantasy artist who specialises in creature-design of the macabre genre, capable of a wide range of artwork from 2D drawings to Animation and costuming, I am for hire and offer commissions so if there's anything you need from me just let me know (but please read my FAQ first before asking for a big commission, thank you). :)

Read my FAQ on commissions here:
See my youtube channel here:…
See my page here:
See my current animation show-reel here:
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Christmas once again, and as usual around this time of year I am broke due to all the presents I've bought and the prices of them never fair on my poor purse and pockets. But thanks to my lycanthropic appearance at York Maze's Hallowscream attraction and Leeds' Thought Bubble comic convention this year, I've attracted a lot of local attention with my mask and even made some new friends. ^_^

Speaking of masks, the commissioned werewolf mask for :iconalienwar42: was shipped off today so that's a present for him that should arrive in time for christmas. Took about 3-4 months to make which is a major improvement from how long I made my mask, so now I can give an accurate time-frame for how long it takes to make a mask. ;)

Now on to the next mask, plus some new mask-commissions to work on after new year, one of which being a were-leopard so it'll be something new from my werewolves (snarling felines will be a tough challenge indeed).

If you are interested in a werewolf mask, you can contact me about a commission through DA notes, preferrably with a picture of your werewolf design (if you don't have one then you can use my free werewolf-mask template Want to be a werewolf? Design your own mask! by Farumir to make a quick color-sketch of what you want).

Moving-jaw mask slots:
  1. :iconaspieviking: - Brown Wolf by AspieViking
  2. :iconredmetamorphosis: - werewolf
  3. :iconahopelessdream: - snarling were-leopard

I will also soon be open for Werewolf Mask blanks once I get some more resin. In other news; right now I still have five new resin wolf-noses on my list Furbuy auctions which you can bid for here:…
Also now open for werewolf/beast/vampire latex prosthetics now that they've been tested for safety (NOTE: NOT suitable for people allergic to latex rubber). And last of all; I am now a freelancing Zbrush modeller, Adobe Premiere Pro film-editor and 3D Studio Max animator available for hire. So if you want a 3D CGI model of your character making then I have two slots open for February-preorders now, or if you need a sculptor or animator for a film project then please send me a note to discuss budget.

Zbrush model slots:

  1. OPEN
  2. OPEN

My 'to do list' so far:

  • Werewolf mask for :iconalienwar42: (completed and posted)
  • Werewolf mask for :iconaspieviking: (2%)
  • Werewolf mask for :iconredmetamorphosis: (to be started in 2015)
  • Were-leopard mask for :iconahopelessdream: (to be started in 2015)
  • 3D animated model and action figure of NightShroud NightShroud in 3D (WIP part 3, she's almost done!) by Farumir(99% done)
  • :iconz-parasites: VN project (49% done)
  • secret OOAK doll project (32% done)

  • Next page of The Den comic (to be continued in February 2015)

  • :iconz-parasites: Christmas event (to be started)



NOTE: I am NOT OPEN FOR BODY-SUITS, FEET OR LED LIGHTS at this time, as I have not completed my own body-suit yet, so I do not want to get customers' hopes up and offer to sell things I cannot make.
I would very much appreciate serious commissioners, it's okay to ask me questions about what I can and can't make and to ask me for a quote on a specific costume/prop-job you want me to do, but I will not answer questions about alternate payment methods (unless you live in the UK) or my 2D digital/traditional picture prices because I have them listed in this journal for you to see, and all money made from the commissions will go towards the making of my independent werewolf movie called Silver Willows as well as future costume and animation projects.

Pricing estimates are below. :D

1) :new: Moving-jaw werewolf masks will cost £200 and a 50% of the payment beforehand as a deposit (SERIOUS COMMISSIONERS ONLY PLEASE). Examples below:
Silver Willows - Werewolf Form (Big Bad Wolf ver.) by Farumir Red Oak werewolf mask commission by Farumir

2) :new: Zbrush model of commissioner's original character will cost £50 (SERIOUS COMMISSIONERS ONLY PLEASE). Example below:
Silver Willows - Bultungin by Farumir

3) :new: Latex monster prosthetics will cost £5.99 for reproductions of the ones made for Silver Willows, prothetics with designs that require a brand new mould being made will cost £10.99. Example below and as seen in the Silver Willows trailer:
Silver Willows - promotional poster (1st edition) by Farumir

4) Pyrography wood etchings with cost £3 for small works, £6.90 for medium-sized works, and the price for large scale works will need to be discussed in a note.
A couple of examples below:
The Legend of the Wulver by FarumirMystic Zodiac Staff (SOLD) by Farumir Wooden Plaque commissions by Farumir

5) resin and polymorph claws will cost £1 per claw and 20p extra for multi-colored paint and GITD paint.
Some examples below:
New Claw-commissions! by FarumirNew Claw-commissions: polymorph editions! by Farumir

6) realistic life-size wolf noses will cost £6 for solid color noses (e.g. all black, all white, all grey, etc) and £7.50 for multi-colored/painted noses.
Some examples below:
Wolf noses for sale by FarumirGreen wolf nose that glows in the dark (SOLD) by FarumirRed wolf-nose (SOLD) by FarumirWhite resin wolf-nose (SOLD) by FarumirNew batch of painted wolf-noses for sale! by Farumir

7) Costume partials; prices for gloves, :new: ears, tails and latex or modroc masks (no moving jaws) have to be discussed through notes, in order to set the right price for what a customer desires (SERIOUS COMMISSIONERS ONLY PLEASE)
Some examples below:
Partial commission for TribalBluePichu (complete!) by Farumir Black animal ears (SOLD) by Farumir My black werewolf tail is FOR SALE (AGAIN)! by Farumir Talk to the paw by Farumir Take a look at my bad side by FarumirThe real reason I've been gone by Farumir 2012's Trick-or-Treating Trio! by Farumir Wepwawet: the Egyptian War God by Farumir

8) Props; prices for props will depend on size and materials, so again people will need to tell me what exactly they want making and ask me for a quote in a DA note (SERIOUS COMMISSIONERS ONLY PLEASE)
Some examples below:
Mystic Zodiac Staff (SOLD) by FarumirThe bow-staff by Farumir Necklace of feathers and bones by Farumir Wepwawet, part 2 by Farumir

9) 'Animorphed' photo-portraits will cost £4
Some examples below:
Portrait of the Talkative Wolf by Farumir Hello Neko by Farumir The alpha's throne, bow to me by Farumir Tie and Tail by Farumir Ain't nothing but a hound dog by Farumir Opposites attract by Farumir

10) 2D digital pictures will cost £5
Some examples below:

Nightshroud-update2 Copy by Farumir Scared of the night? Here's a light. (digital ver) by Farumir Hronawmon - TV style by FarumirKurokishi...human? by Farumir

11) 2D traditional pictures will cost £5.50
Some examples below:

Tanukitsune the Raccoon-Fox by Farumir New Nightshroud2finger by FarumirScared of the night? Here's a light... by FarumirNew-night Copy by FarumirThe Okuriokami Myth by Farumir Big Red, a fond memory by Farumir Being Chipper - the poster by Farumir WHAT did you just call me? by Farumir There Is No Denying Love by FarumirMarilyn Manson by FarumirTable of Strawberries by Farumir Wakali the spotted and striped hyena by Farumir Frabies - Ferus' fifth form design (LOCKED) by FarumirBars of Boredom by Farumir

If you want a commission then please comment in this journal entry, or you may just note me if you want. If you are not happy with the prices then you can make an offer instead and I'll see what I can do. ^^

PLEASE NOTE: I will only accept payment through paypal.

Please also take note that I will not ask for payment until your commission is made (unless it is a Zbrush model, costume or prop commission, since I will ask for a deposit payment first before I make the product).

I really look forward to doing business with you all! :thumbsup: ;)







Clubs I am in:

Boyfriend: :iconaspieviking: :tighthug::heart:



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Okay, My Den manga (western-style, read left to right) is my main series alongside my werewolf-costume, so for every 500 points donated I will make a page for my Den manga. ^_^

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